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January 23, 2008


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Not on "the" list...but I just got home from work. Put on my comfy clothes. Lit some candles (in case of a power outage, I always do this in the rain...not sure why). Logged on to check email, nothing good. :( Getting ready to head down to make dinner, I think we are having turkey burgers and home made baked fries and a salad - Yours inspired me. Have a super night! Stay dry. -Cori

OK...I will try. But sorry, no pics! Just got the kids to bed, Jason is at the Ducks game, so it is mommy's quiet time!!! We will see how long I can stay awake though. Trying to book some type of vacation for Kam's spring break(Sorry, doesn't look like the scrappin' cruise is in for this year!). Love listening to that rain!!!

Better! Thrive on the +'s. Deal or through away the -'s. XX

Hi Stephanie,...posted my morning if you are interested! http://thecozychair.blogspot.com/
Have a great day!

Just read your blog (so inspiring to me). What am I doing right now ---- well, I'm at work waiting for my second meeting of four today to start. I wish I could take pictures for you, but my camera is at home. This weekend - I'll do a "right now" blog entry.

I did mine!

Okay...I have to make that YUMMY salad! I love fruity-veggie-tably salads! Only I'm jealous-- cause I bet you have much better produce where YOU are than I have. :( You are such an awesome multi-tasker...teach me???? Pretty please!! jw

guess what i posted on my blog. yippeee! i am back!!!! not a very exciting post but at least i posted. now if i would get my bible study done that would be an accomlishment!

Yes I'm reading. Great picture I wonder if I was with you that night? Miss you!!!

Yes I'm reading. Great picture I wonder if I was with you that night? Miss you!!!

Okay, I am little late!!!!! I had a difficult time finding time to post to my blog. Here it is www.scrappinthedetails.typepad.com, in case you are interested. Thanks so much for this fun game!!

Your salad looks yummy!

ok, i am sitting on my couch under my fluffy soft blanket surfing the net on my laptop waiting for our supper to arrive at the door-PIZZA!! the 9 yr old is showering and hubby is in his chair suffering from an upper resp inf, 2 ear inf, and sinus inf-let's just say someone has been hard to handle for the last few days BUT,,, since he has been sick all week and couldn't pick up my Birthday present (38 tomorrow) he sent me to pick it up-told me to go to the scrapbook store, ask the lady at the counter for something in my name and to call him when i opened it. I drove there this afternoon and it was a gift card-woohoo! I called him and he said to look at their class schedule and pick out a class to take-I chose the night crop tomorrow(on my b'day of course!) so, that is what I am doing right now and tomorrow at this time, too!! Enjoy your supper-I know I will enjoy mine.

Terry A from Arkansas

Right now I am in the process of studying for AP world history final!! icky!! This is a fun idea! It was hailing at my house this morning.

I wasn't tagged, but this is too fun! (I'm thinking scrapbooking layout possibilities here). ;) Here's what I'm up to:


I took on your challenge. It took me 5 hours between taking pictures and posting to my blog but that tells you what the rest of my day was like!


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