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May 27, 2008


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I so wish I was going to the crop this weekend! Please take lots of pictures and maybe even some with the "flip"!

Love the doodle, and you make me laugh! Have a great day and I hope the auction goes well.

I had that exact same "oh crud, it's Tuesday" moment of panic this morning.

Cute doodle :)


if there is a local (OC) doodle class I am definitely interested. Thanks!

Hi! Hi! I finally got a copy of the latest mag (with the cookie recipe). I am so excited to make these soon - we have a long road trip coming up (12 hour drive) and the cookies will be a great addition to the snack bags i am making for the kids (and myself).
Still hoping you'll come to Virginia - I'm working on that at this end.
I need to have a class from you! :-)

Absolutely love this doodle. I will be confused all week after having yesterday off. Oh dear.

Love the doodle, thank you. Good luck with the auction.

Ohhh, please hurry with the class, I can't wait any longer and I am a patient person - well normally. I teach 6 year olds, but I can't wait. I love red, white, blue, patriotic girl to the max. Hurry, hurry.

Ohhh, forgot to say pleaseeeeeeeeee!

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