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May 21, 2008


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now i just need to get brave, I am a doodle drawing fool, I just don't think about adding color. Its time for me to be brave. This weekend I am hosting a crop, I am going to give everyone a doodle, see what they come up with and then take pics and send them your way. Woohoo! let's get some color in our lives!!!

:) I LOVE THE SMILE PROJECT. Those just happen to be MY "life colors" when I was little my room was red, yellow, black & white. (don't crinkle your nose) ;) To this day those are still my favorite colors. p.s. I did not decorate my home in those colors. :) And my favorite colors to wear are red, pink, black, white and demin (not all together). That's the great thing about color...there is enough variety for ALL of us! Have a great day!

I love the yellow and black - seems so "sunshiney", can't help but smile! I'm all about learning as much as I can. If it's out of my comfort zone, I can adapt!
Keep it coming!

I absolutely loved the "smile" colors. The link for the download worked for me, however can you create doodles big enough that you could frame them individually? Maybe that can be done with your downloads and I just don't know how to resize them. Made your cookies over the weekend. My family says they are a keeper. Love the new magazine, too!

I love the smile, it made me happy today. I'm not one for a lot of yellow but this is very cute.

Love the color combo... the yellow definitely says "smile". It's good to see things other than the ones we typically gravitate to. I was just able to copy & paste the doodle into word, as I usually do, it wasn't a jpeg. Also, the word smile wasn't included. I wasn't sure if you wanted it to be or not. My daughter is home recovering from a night of a stomach bug. She'll be glad to have some things to doodle! Thank you for sharing with us. Can't wait to see what you are going to end up with!

I'm with you on liking the same "life colors" and find it hard to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you for the words and the smile is so, so, so cute!!! THANKS again.

I think that anything you come up with is magic -- even if you don't think so. I love them all -- the "smile" one made me smile!!! I know it has been very warm where you live, but here in the Chgo. suburbs it feels more like a fall day than spring/summer ----makes me think that I can't wait until I get to see some of your "holiday" ideas. I can't wait until the August mag. comes out ---- seems like a LONG time from now. Meanwhile....I am enjoying your blog and new ideas -- keep experimenting away!!!:)

You are so talented Stephanie and thank you for sharing........you seriously need to write a book and publish it, filled with doodles of course!

I love them! spring-y and happy. Yellow is one of MY life colors. I have an "L" shaped house and both hallways off the main living room are yellow. so is the hall bath and my youngest daughter's room. it is the color of sunshine and it makes me smile!

Have a lovely day,

Yes, I really do like the yellow and black. Have to say I never think of using those colors either, but I do like them!

You sure did good by me-yellow would be my #1 Life color! I have always wanted a kitchen whit yellow gingham curtains and big black and white squares for the floor.

I like it, even though it's not my 'typical' colors :o) But, I've been trying to get away from my typical colors and branch out...and I'm discovering I really like it! There are just so many possibilities out there, it seems a shame to stick to the same ol', same ol' sometimes, ya know? Even though it is easier and it does make everything sort of automatically coordinated.

As far as learning how to do it, regardless of the colors, OH YES!!! You have an amazing gift, and I'd love to learn a teensy bit about how you go about how you do what you do. After lots of practice, I'm sure I'd be able to start to 'make it my own' (maybe!) :)

Keep experimenting and working on new things...and see how you grow! ;)


Love, Love, Love this color combo...I love yellow and black but the dots and stripes just make it!! thanks for the doodle download..I used one of your saying (that I made from my doodle cd) on a Mother's day layout this week...Your a very talented lady!!(((HUGS)))) Tennesseeeeeeeeeee

This Smile project is cute! Though I'm like you...these aren't what I call my life colors either (I tend to lean towards more of the brown, green and blues these days), but truly can't help smiling at those Smile cards ;-) Have a super day!

I am not a yellow person, but I LOVE it, the black balances it for me. My colors tend to change, but I love color so I don't see a problem in working out of my comfort zone. Heck, just doodling is probably out of my comfort zone - so the color thing would be not big deal to me. LOL

Totally get you on the life colors thing, although I do really try and use other colors.
Pink and brown or teal and brown, green, orange are my faves.
The smile doodle is very cute and summery - brightened up my cold day as we go into our winter!
You are so inspiring.

The SMILE colors are amazing .. the only color I might have added is my Life Color of hot pink .. that would be really fun!
thanks for the inspiration ..

Cheers ~ Scrappy Val

I really appreciate that you share! I am so drawn to what you doodle that I want to learn how to do that! Thanks for making the black and white available. Could you suggest a certain type of pen, colored pencil or marker to use? I am not getting the same effect. I do like when you show it two different ways. I think it is so interesting to see how the same idea can look so different in different color options. I really try to stretch my ideas, but I am drawn to the same colors most of the time, too. Just view my scrapbook pages and that is obvious. I think it is a good idea to think outside the box though. Please don't throw your things away, though! Send them to someone! I am always watching for your to doodle something in scripture using the word "patience". I'll keep watching! Do you ever take requests?

I love your doodles and your colors. The link worked fine. Me, I love a lot of color when I doodle or journal. :D Thanks.

I love to doodle too but I need to work harder at it. I love all colors... If I had to look at my life colors, they would end up being the bright primaries: orange, hot pink, blue, and yellow...

I think that the smile is great and here's why you don't necessarily have to love it... when you send it to someone - that person will love it! So, maybe you were doodling something that someone in your life needs to receive as a pick-me-up (who coincidentially loves black, yellow, and white!) I found a while ago that everything isn't necessarily my taste but others absolutely love what I don't. And, if they receive something I made that I don't love, they still might treasure it and hold it close to their heart! Keep challenging yourself with new colors! You never know what you might come up with...

Those colors are so fun!! I love the smile too I have a hard time with doodling and find that I just can't get it quite right so I'm so thankful you make them for us! :)
You are quite an inspiration thank you for that!

I think all your doodles are wonderful and would love to have instruction on how to do them. An on-line class perhaps? Thanks so much for sharing with us. JennieB

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