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May 30, 2008


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Oh, I love, love those stickers! The cake looks yummy and the cookies, I'll be right over!

So wish I was joining all of you fun gals tomorrow! Post lots of pics, please!

Oh my goodness!! The stickers are sooo cute! I'm going to go bug my LSS to buy them so I can too!!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I love the stickers and will definitely have to tell my LSS to get them...definitely!!! thanks for sharing.

Love, love, love those stickers! Can't wait to buy them!


I'll be at The Bee to grab a cookie, drop off a gift card and to say HI!! Not to stay and scrap though.

LOVE the doodles for BB. Those are gonna go well inside a little bare naked binder!

Can't wait to see you all. :)

Oh my, I just saw that you posted stickers from my new paper line - Summer Cottage. Sorry, couldn't help myself but just had to comment. I had done a search on the product line to see if any reviews were posted about it being that it is my first paper line and it led me here! I hope you enjoy them! Miriam Lima

help..yes i see the downloads..but where is the sweet treats card and choclate chip cookie recipe..please help..i am going a little crazy...not as cute without the stuff

Those stickers are wonderful! I'll be on the lookout for those. Also going to talk to my lss and see if I can get them to have you teach your doodle class. :)

I am tickled BoBunny polka-dotted pink because I saw you creating those stickers! I recognize the watermelon! :)
I will guarantee that LOVE is the secret ingredient. I had such a good time making your cookies and thinking of you while I did it and thinking of all the hundreds of thousands of cookies you've made, each with tons of HH love... and it made me happy and the cookies turned out great. They are not like normal cookies, but that is good because I am not known for my chocolate chip cookie skills! (My peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin are pretty good, though).

I froze a bunch and will be taking them to Ben's baseball tournament this weekend!

Hey, you said Friday is baking day... do you have days of the week assigned to different activities and projects? I know you have tons of balls in the air as I do, and I am wondering how you do it!

I love to make bread because the more you beat it up the better it rises. Wonderful way to work out hostility.
I have also just figured out you are really the Energizer bunny in disguise.

Tustin? You're down by Tustin?! For some reason I think everyone is on the other side of the country...that's not 'that' far from me...only about a 3 hour drive! Of course, my hubby's out of town...and we just got the keys to our new house today (finally!)...and i have two toddlers to deal with. So, The Red Bee is not in my future for tomorrow, but I'll have to pay closer attention to your calendar and try to make it to some of your classes/crops!!!


Love the stickers. I will have to order them and I found the paper online it's so cute too. Your cookies made me want to bake. And your board looks great. Oh how I wish I were closer to where you were, I'd be there really quick. :D Hope you have a great day.

ok, the cake is beautiful! Did not know you could decorate cakes too! Is there anything you cannot do?

I so wish I was at the Red Bee with you guys, but I have to find the spare bedroom for my son's graduation party. The father's day doodle looks great, perfect for cards for my first graders. Geez, maybe next time. Cake looks so beautiful. You rock.

What beautiful goodies! I especially love the fresh flowers on your cakes, and wondered if you do anything special to make sure they are food safe? Can I just get roses and greenery at the florist and use them on a cake? I LOVE that!!! The stickers and doodles are wonderful too ;)
Sara :)

I just ordered the stickers for our store. i can't wait to tell everyone they are yours. Blessings!

I ordered those thinking wow those sure look like Stephanie's doodles but I didn't know. I should have them in next week yeah!
Still wanting you to come to our store!!!
I know how busy you are so just call and we will set it up asap!

I want the cookie recipe, where is it? Thanks

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