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September 17, 2009


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I love to bake and we have a good friend who just loves my brownies with lots of chocolate frosting. I just may have to make him some! Baking always makes me feel so good inside. Have a wonderfully-baked day!

I love to bake and have received many blessings back when I bake for others. This past year I did a Cookie of the Month Club for Pastor Appreciation. Every month, I made cookies for our pastors and their families. Since we had 4 pastors at the time, I alternated months - making cookies for 2 one month and the other 2 the next month. They all have told me how much they have enjoyed them.

Funny I baked last night to give today! Actually a dear friend needed cookies for an event tonight and was out of town until this morning, so I baked them for her. Oatmeal chocolate chip (just in case you were wondering) Yummy! I love to bake, but I live alone - so most of the time I bake and give...

I'm going to bake brownies!! BTW, your blog sounds soooo familiar....Ha Ha...hope all is well!

Hey, we have the same schedules! Only prayer keeps me sane. Thanks for the reminder. Oh yeah, breathing is good too. I'll bake for some teachers that really need a break. A Friday treat. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

I'm baking tomorrow afternoon for a little dessert pot luck out in the street while kids play tomorrow night. Thats if its not 212 degrees. Are you making a check list for John?
and one more question... Are you baking those cookies to give to me??? :)

I'm baking cookies for my "morning kids" tomorrow. They love Snickerdoodles!

Everytime I bake bread I give a loaf away (with some honey butter). I will make some this weekend to give away.

I was thinking this morning about baking while cleaning the kitchen... maybe I should clean after the baking? Will be baking Stephanie's chocolate chip cookies... is there any other to make?

OK...since I too pick up, drop off, do laundry, cook dinner, pick up clothes and check for homework...I'll bake!!!

Sounds like fun. My niece just baked a chocolate pumpin cake. Sounds rather strange, but they said it was the best cake ever. A chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin and spices and such. I am awaiting the directions.

Judy in Fernandina Beach, FL

I'm going to bake cookies for my grandparents in Maryland. My 80 yr old grandfather just got out of the hospital after having a heart procedure, and he and my grandma love cookies but don't like to bake, so this is the perfect time for a treat! I'm in TX, so hopefully they'll hold up in the mail.

baking in Michigan right now!

Well, I baked those chocolate chip cookies. (your recipe)
It was amazing to change a person's day with a bag of cookies. I decorated little brown paper paper with rubber stamps and markers. I loaded up the bags with cookies and started delivering. I went to 3 homes. One of my neighbors had been crying before I got to her door. The other gal said it HAD been the worse day and she needed to talk. So she made coffee and I listened and when I left she said bringing those cookies to her and just visiting meant so much. Soooo...thank you for giving me the idea of blessing others yesterday because....I am the one that ended up being blessed.

I baked muffins for a mom of a 4 day old baby!

I baked Pumpkin Spice Muffins & sent them to my hubby's work.
They were so yummy. It is amazing how happy someone gets when you
send them something special.

Janna from Arkansas

Would love your recipe since I collect recipes from all over. Thanks

I baked nectarine cobbler for my bible study and my hubby's bible study and tonight I just baked baseball cookies for my son's game tomorrow. Baking totally relieves strss for me and makes everyone else happy :)

I baked Pineapple Upside Down Cake for my hubby yesterday! I just got done blogging about how I feel like baking! I guess I'll make a treat tonight to bring to the girls I work with! Thanks for the confirmation that I should bake tonight!

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