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September 30, 2009


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An Americana picnic! I'm sure the supplies are from one of your crafty projects - do tell!

It reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...with her gingham dress and ruby slippers...love that movie!

We're off to see the wizard... :)
Nothing like red glitter and gingham to send you back to Oz! :)
Glad you had a great trip... looks like a lovely book!

Um, let me think...my husband would shoot me for even having to think before coming up with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. That is his all-time favorite movie. Me not so much. But our differences and likes are what make us unique in our relationship. And why I still love him after all our years together.

Thanks for sharing with us today. Hope you have a fabulous evening! Hugs!

Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers from the newly enhanced 70th
Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz!! Have fun at Back to School Night!!

The Wizard of Oz of course!!

Blue and white gingham and red glitter??? How Dorothy Gale can you get!!! Or as the 24 yo used to say when she was 3 "It's Darfy!! I wuv Darfy!!" She had 6 consecutive 'Darfy' dresses and red glittery shoes which she wore to school until she was 7 or 8...then the glamour wore off. ;Wiz Oz' stopped being her fave movie about the same time. You are soo popular, I cannot belie I am the first post!! xxKaren

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!!!

Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ!!!!!
LOL :)

Makes me think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz =o]

Blue gingham reminds me of Grandma! And red glitter reminds me of the sprinkles that she would put on sugar cookies! Very nostalgic, those memories!

That book looks fabulous! Sounds like you had a great time. Hmm the blue and white gingham and red glitter reminds me of dorothy from the wizard of oz. Probably because I'm excited to see it come back out again! :)

Hey Stephanie,
I want to see more of your favorite project evah! Looks gorgeous :)
Ok, blue & white gingham + red glitter = Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (of course)

The Wizzard of Oz

Hey Stephanie,
I want to see more of your favorite project evah :) It looks gorgeous!
Ok, blue & white gingham + red glitter = Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz (of course)

The book is fab! Of course I would take an 8 hour class from you! Hey I would even make homemade salsa for you :-)

That totally reminded me of Wizard of Oz. I just picture those cute shoes!

What happened to the part of your day where you had lunch with your bestest friend and laughed so hard you almost choked at something Sarah said? Just had to call you out... I think the glitter must be for my fairy costume that you never made for me. I need to go to bed i'm geting punchy! Good night

If you ever need help cleaning out the Shad-teau, call me! I'll run over to help! :)

"...if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right?"

Can it remind you of anything else besides Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz! :)

Ah, such a great movie. Follow the yellow brick road. We're putting out a GREAT box set for WOZ's 70th anniversary. Should be coming out soon!

Definitely Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! I wanted to share with you that I am working on a Teresa Collins 7x13 with several of her patterns, packing it with photos and her cool embellishments and am wondering if they have spiral rings big enough to hold it all together!!! I am up to 22 pages!!!I may just have to go with regular rings so you can turn it! Anyway....just HAD to share...great minds must think alike :)

Follow the yellow brick road! Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It also reminds me of the Fourth of July.

None other than the Wizard of Oz, the ruby red slippers and her blue & white checked pinafore over her dress!

Would love, love, love to have some??????????????????

Of course! Most definitely "the wizard of oz"! Fabulous movie. Luv your project.

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