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October 18, 2009


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Love those roses! Isn't there a song with the title "Paper Roses"? Lucky sister of yours to get that book - it's awesome! PLEASE HURRY with the Etsy stuff - I want some bad!

Love the album and the roses. Yes, I would say they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in SO Cal

Dear Stephanie--I so love it when you use the english language so creatively: "I had an idea..whelp, I started and finished.." such a fun use of that word!!! You are so much fun to listen to!! xxKaren

Even your non-scrappy friend thinks those roses are cool!

Where in AZ, my dad at 67 runs these and often goes to cheer others on if he's not racing

I love these! I am stalking the Etsy shop!! can't wait:)

This is my first visit to your blog and I LOVE it!!!
Those flowers are so beautiful and so is the rest of your work, specially your RAK Doodles!
And I loved to see your wedding pictures, you look soooo happy (and beautiful!!)

Greetz from Holland,


You are so good at making your own flower embellishments!

And I know what you mean about the weather! We had a CRAZY cold Saturday 2 weeks ago. It was 53 degrees and the misty fog was so thick that you could barley see 10 feet in front of you! But then at My sons soccer games this past Saturday it was 89 degrees and I got SUNBURNT! Its wild!

I just made a ton of those roses this week too! Great midns think alike!

Love the flowers Stephanie, love the book... and I will be "stalking" your Etsy shop also! Like you said, the weather here is so up and down, one day it is cool and the next day we are on heat watch! Ha! We were driving to and from Mission Viejo late Saturday night and it was foggy! As always, your words and work are an inspiration.

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