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April 11, 2012


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My goal this year was to educate myself, and one of the first things I was going to do was take your classes :) I am looking forward to your new very cool online classes!

What a lovely post <3
Congratulations Stephanie!!! I'm your big fan and I check your blog daily. Wishing you lots of love and creative moments all along, D.

Awwww....thank YOU. For constant happy inspiration. And being yourself :)

Thank YOU, Stephanie! I enjoy your blog, your art, your class but most especially that you have made my mornings a happy with your writings.

No. Thank YOU!

I find myself in a place where I am being drawn back to home, to art, to focus on God and my family...and don't know that I will ever get where I need to be. Teaching consumes me...it rules my world and i don't know how to do it in a way that is any easier. So in my search of the slower pace where I can actually see the flowers that I should stop and smell, I find you. I have been lurking here and there and have signed up for a class or two...maybe when summer comes around I will be able to catch up before I am sucked up by the vicious cycle of another school year and all of it's demands.
You are an inspiration, Stephanie. I enjoy your words, your art. Keep it coming. God bless you! ~~god bless you

I've only recently discovered you and your blog, but I am loving what you do here and inspired by it. Maybe I am noticing it because it is where I am at the moment, but there seems to be quite a few people working towards decisions and thinking about purpose. Thank you for what you do.

I came across your blog about 1 month ago by accident. It has been the best "accident" ever. Since finding your blog, i have been visiting and re-visiting. Quite simply - I love your blogs. I have enjoyed reading what you have written, you have a wonderful and realistic outlook on life, your faith is nourishing for my soul, and you drawings, craft, artwork is very inspiring. I feel as if i know you, and like a friend, I enjoy coming back to your site to see what you have been creating, and how life is going for you. You are awesome! So, thank you for taking the time to inspire others with your God given talents. God Bless You!

can you give a few tips on the "book" you posted about in your last post? I've tried a few but they don't seem to come out the way I want. Do you use one sheet of cardstock as a page? I tried adhering two and it seems like they don't "stick" together right. Thanks so much, as always! Hugs!

I love visiting here again and again and again!

Sounds as if "SOMEONE" is trying to steal your JOY!!! Don't let 'em....What you do here means so much to so many...me included. I look forward to having my coffee with you each morning!!! Keep smiling...remember...Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch!!! ~J~

thanks for all you do, Stephanie! love and hugs!

I agree with so that have posted ahead of me. I love your inspiration, your joy, your honesty, your gift for sharing, I have taken a few of your classes since I've found your links. Plan on taking more~♥ I will proudly be one of the good apples! ♥Td


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