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January 28, 2013


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Stephanie, I have had a pack of cards lying around for about a year now - you must have read my mind. Look forward to doing some wee art.

I just watched the videos, that are up so far. What a great workshop! I can't wait until tomorrow, so I can start making my cards.

What a fantastic idea Stephanie, I'm in! Really looking forward to it, thanks. C x

What an awesome idea! I will be doing this for sure. Thank you for always being so encouraging and reminding us to do the same both for ourselves and towards others! I'm sharing your link on pinterest, fb and google+. Gotta spread the word!
Have a blessed week!

This is so cool - I hope this post means you have beaten that flu bug!

Oh Stephanie, I'm so excited! I just purchased your workshop. I was so bummed I couldn't catch you at Scrapbook Island, and I was so tickled to see you have this available! You're awesome, thanks so much!!!

So if I register after you post does that mean I don't have acces to the older cards?

Hi Kathy, the class is open forever so you can create when you want, wherever you are!

Stephanie, I am so excited to take this class...it is JUST what i need to motivate and inspire me in 2013...i NEED this. your inspiration, uplifting quotes, and honest, genuine sharing is incredible...thank you for your faithfulness and your art...adore you!

Stephanie - love your work and can't wait to start! This is the year that I am going to need inspiration & motivation for sure and this is going to do it.

I am assuming that you will send me a link & password for the class shortly. Very computer literate but I'm also dealing with a PC that recently crashed so things are a little "screwed" up right now!

I am here for you Tracy..everything should be in your inbox..Welcome to class!

Oh Stephanie, I am so excited about this class! I plan to incorporate bible verses on most of them. This will be a gift for my 13 year old grandson. And he will absolutely LOVE it! :) Thanks for sharing your awesome talent. You are such an inspiration!

So wish I could actually take this class in person. Looks really fun, but I have learned that I fall way behind in online classes. Of course, that would mean that we would need a LSS.

I just found you on Pinterest and will sign up for the online class as soon as I get back to my own computer. Are you going to give an online class on the box? I would love to take one in person but live in North Carolina. Take care & keep up the good work.

Just signed up. I am in "wedding mode" as my daughter's wedding is creeping up on me so I am having trouble finding "me" inky time. I have had my deck of cards for some time now. I have to find the time! I miss my ink. I am looking forward to your videos!

Looking forward to starting the class!

I know it's late in the year but don't care! I am starting a very " interesting" 52 weeks and this project could be just the trick to help me get through it.

Thank you!!!

So excited to take this class. I just discovered your blog - I'm so inspired by your beautiful work. I'm making a cup of tea and getting ready for a good read :)

WOW i have just come across you website and Oh My your work is amazing x

Will there be a 2014 version of this? I'd LOVE to take the course, but would prefer to wait if there will be another class.

well, as a matter of fact, there will and this is the FIRST time I have even said anything!!!! Let's see who reads this!

Wooowhoo!! Thanks Stephanie. I hope there will be lots of tutorials on how to make your beautiful cards : ))

Would love to take the 52 card for 2014 when available to sign u p!

I know I'm just a little late, but I just came across your site and LOVE your cards. So I just have to take this class!

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