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March 05, 2013


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Dude. I TOTALLY would love #2.

1. yes if it is something that I can't do myself.
2. yes if I can get the supplies here in town.
3. yes because the supplies are included.

Anything from you is awesome. You do awesome work. I would love to have anything you make or take an online class of yours. Love your style.

I would choose both #1 or #2. I just love some people's art and would rather buy their stamps but I would also like to be able to make mine too. So both !!! Super full glass !! lol
Have a wonderful day !

#3, if I felt I had the talent to carve one myself....although the class might offer me the PUSH I need!
Oh and on the BON JOVI comment.....My husband took me to see him in concert a couple of years ago as a surprise gift....AWESOME and FANTASTIC!

And not to leave out.......I LOVE, LOVE the stamp you carved!!!!

I love that stamp!!! As for the class, I would love option #2.

I would love to purchase hand carved stamps because of their individuality. No two alike. I would take a class! Preferably online, but with he ability to buy a kit of,products beforehand. Hope this answers your questions. I would be honored to use your 'throw away' stap. It's gotta be better than no stamp at all!

#2...would be so much fun!

totally number 2!!!! would be awesome!!

Beautiful! But I do know how hard we can be on ourselves and our own work.

#1 I would buy a hand carved stamp at a pricey cost if it really spoke to me,
but my real choice is
#2 but then I have he supplies already and have just been waiting til I get the time to take an online class in stamp carving.
Thanks and hope my answer helps.
Love you carved stamps.

1) I would buy a pricier stamp if it looks like more than I could create.
2)I'd love to take an on-line class, as long as the instructor was available (via chat, email, etc.) to answer all of my stupid questions.

I like #1 #2 and #3!

don't include me in your giveaway I just wanted to make you giggle!!!! I know where I can get one of those darlings from this girl i know!!! wink wink!

I'm lovin #1!!!

I have thousands of dollars worth of rubber stamps and would absolutely love to make my own whether the materials are included in the class or not. I searched the internet for the sheets of rubber without success. Your insight/class would be much appreciated.

Love your work and your heart!!!


HOLY HANA woman!! This is gorgeous!! I love it!
I would love to learn how to do this. Totally #2.

I would either like to do #2 or #3. It doesn't matter to me. I'm just not sure how hard it would be to find the products. I've never looked before. But I would love to buy one of your stamps too. Such beautiful detail you have. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!!

#1... And I love Bon Jovi, too!

1. Yes, if it was something I loved.
2. I would totally take an online class from you ! Love your work.
3. I would like to get my own supplies if it was something that was easy to find, otherwise, I would love to take the class and wait for the supplies.

I am a learner! I am a retired librarian ( only been retired 3 weeks) lol but I love to learn. Getting my space set up for a full on studio. Sign me up!

I hope # 3 but asualy , i'm so far for cheap shipping
and I think #2 is better , for me ...
I'll like to carve my stamps ; it's become unic and priceless...
Thk U
and ...I really like you final page with your stamps on it, how you color them!!

I would say either 1 or 2. Your work is marvelous! :)

#3, please!

1. yes because I love other peoples creative art and 2.yes because I would love to learn how to do this and create for myself.

one AND two AND three.......matbe i will win something this time?????

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