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August 06, 2013


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you are a kind soul! thanks for sharing your talent with us!! i will put this on my fridge and make it for next week when i am on a staycation!

I love it! Thank you so much!

thanks!! I better print out about a million.

Perfect for my day of classroom prep! Thank you!!!

Awe, how cute!! I just love coming to your blog cause I always know I will find something awesome here!!

You make junk lists fun!

LOVE the JUNK list. I'm big on list's and with something this cute, we just wouldn't be able to ignore what we need to do. gonna share . Thanks!

Thank you so much. I LOVE it. I've already print off a bunch and put them in my much loved calendar.

Thank you, Stephanie! Love it and just what I needed to brighten my Wednesday morning. Just wrote my "junk" list on a scrap of paper...will be rewriting on this little darlin'!

so cute! thank you for sharing this fabulous list maker!

This is super cute! Thanks!

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