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December 19, 2013


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This sounds like an awesome group, I signed up on the facebook group!

And that's why when others come and go, you're still around ...surrounded by people who love generous happy art. So many start out with good intentions, but then get caught up more in the business end of things, and spend way too much time worried that people are stealing all their ideas. Most of the ideas they're trying to protect weren't even theirs in the first place. You make art that makes us think, makes us kinder, makes us look at those around us and you always share your generous heart. You have a way of sharing and teaching that lets us all into your warm and cozy chocolate chip happy existence. Thanks for staying fabulous. xo mac

Well Said!! I think this will be a great time together, looking forward to journaling more (again) I think it helps (it does for me!!)

Hi Stephanie! I love this new project & agree with you that we all should view other's work as inspiration. That's partly why I joined. The other reason why I joined was simply because I thought it would be fun & a good way to incorporate more creativity into my daily life. I think all the leaders were probably shocked by the overwhelming response from everyone. I know I would be! Hopefully this project doesn't turn into a.stress inducer for them, because that is one sure fire way to kill creativity! I am just patiently waiting to get more details, but I know a lot of people want answers right away. Once we get going though, I think the inspiration will come, and everyone will (hopefully) have a great time being creative together! :)

Have a blessed day!

Merry Christmas Stephanie... Thank you for this blog post. I to know well what happens in the crafting world. I too wish we could all share and share alike. If you are going to "scrap lift" from another artist you should give credit where credit is due. It's really not fair if others to copy something you have made or created and make money on it with out your consent? Guess we don't have a patent on our work. But it doesn't seem fair? This has happened to me even though I do not teach nor want to. A so called friend did this to me. So as my mother always said... Do onto others as you want done to you! Isn't that the truth!
I am looking forward to hopefully take one of your classes this fall at the Art is you retreat. Take care. And thank you for all you positive words, inspiration, and thoughts!

Well stated, Stephanie! Inspiring artists, sisters sharing this life journey we are on, giving back - encouraging, inspiring, and sharing their God-given talents. Awesome!

Hello!! I am so glad to see this and to have found it this week too. Stumbled upon Rae's IG feed and loved her journal, going to join the fun too. Will have to check out the other blogs but know it will be amazing having them together. Happy to see your playing along too, YAY!!

This was so inspiring to read, I tell this to my kids actually. Can't we all just get along, things will go smoother, we can do more and enjoy more if we can just all get along. Some days they do this and other times not so much. sigh.

I agree 100% of this for the creative world, the more we do and share and inspire each other the better and more heart felt and friendly it can be. Thank you for being one of those beautiful people, keep spreading your joy and amazing art and faith!! HUGS!

Thank YOU for this post Stephanie! I totally agree - we CAN all create together!

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