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Susan F.

Amen. Thanks for sharing.


I don't get it. (I'm trying to). You think God took your father-in-law home at just this time to prevent you from attending the two events: one in which you would serve and one in which you would receive? But you don't say why - do you know why? (Or maybe that's the point - maybe you are trusting that there is a reason and it will be revealed in its time?)


P.S. I'm learning to trust too - that's been a big thing for me all year - that and detachment (which is part of trusting God - you have to detach from what you are holding onto in the world); so I appreciate this lesson.

Vreni Henriksen

Thank you for sharing so honestly.

linda t

Thank you for making yourself vulnerable and sharing something so personal and tender. "What do I need to learn form this?" has been foremost in my heart for almost a year now, and your message came just at the right time. We are not alone in our struggle to trust. Peace.


Thanks for being transparent. Good lesson to share. We all need to TRUST HIM more. No matter what! Amen.


Thank you for posting this. It is so good for us to share journeys and know that we are not alone. I appreciate all you do to shine His light into others and to be authentic and real with us. Many blessings for peace, grace, and encouragement. In His love, amy


This goes 100% with our Psalm 57 sermon today. Seek refuge in under his wings. Trust Him in times of trial. Seek to glorify him in your sufferings.

Patti Harman

Stephanie, thank you for sharing your are so right, we gain strength from knowing that our sisters in Christ have trials just like everyone else. I am sorry for your family's loss, my Grandfather lived till he was 93 and although he had lived a long, blessed life, it was hard knowing he was no longer a phone call away. That said, as you know, you did belong with your family, at home comforting your dear husband and showing your children how to support those you love at times like that.
I, too, several times, have forgotten to TRUST our Creator, our Saviour... Then (in hind sight)I reflect how CRAZY that is! Not Trusting the one who knows EVERYTHING... including how many hairs on my hard head?! As IF He doesn't know HOW to work out Details!! HELLO!! The details He dealt with to create this world and universe make my Details so Small!!! How Cra-Cra am I? Maybe "I" can't handle it...BUT, HE CAN!!!
I'm Thankful that I'm in good company... Thank you, again, for sharing. <3


Thank you so much for sharing this post and being so honest. Sorry for your loss of "pop" I'm sure the family was happy to have you home with them. I'm not sure what I would have done either but you did the right thing and grew so much from it. AMEN!

Sorry to be late seeing this, big hugs and prayers for you and the family. Thanks again for sharing.

Dottee Odom

Hey Dear Friend,
Thanks so much for sharing your experience because it reminded me of how life takes it's twists and turns and even when we are so prepared and organized, anything can happen to change up our plans! We are so blessed to know that our Heavenly Father is right by our side to help us make the right decisions in difficult situations. Society may say that it's a form of weakness to trust in an unseen God but the scriptures say that our weaknesses will be made strong in God.
Thanks for sharing your testimony, it is beautifully uplifting!
Hugs, Aunt Dottee

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